Tuesday, December 30, 2008

California Dreaming..

I am away on vacation from Dec. 25th to Jan. 1st. (I'm surfing in Cali and being chased by paparazzi(I look amazingly like Brooke Shields I guess) and just relaxing and having fun!

I'll have plenty of new material upon my return.

Happy Holidays to you!

Friday, December 19, 2008

For my fans....

I've been reminded by my one "fan" that I need to stop dating wackos, freaks and men with Lance Armstrong endurance and post a new addition to my blog. Think about the fans, he said. Needless to say, he's right, damn him. I did warn you all though that you'd probably visit here more than I would (oh and if my brother and sister are reading, sorry if any of the above creeped you out) and I have tried to be somewhat diligent about posting. Apparently, my one fan thinks otherwise. Hence this post today is just for him. It will be a random entry on a random topic just to appease his appetite. (There R, are you happy??) lol

Random Topic:

Why do we get stuck in a decade??? What do you think causes a person to continue wearing his acid ripped grunge jeans from the 90's or their poodle skirt from the 50's? Well Aaron Pfeifer, a random blogger that I've never met, seems to think he knows the answer to this very random question.

(cut copy and paste this into your browser to visit his site, i'm not smart enough to embed the link) http://www.aaronpfeifer.com/2008/05/13/why-do-we-get-stuck-in-a-decade/

And you know what? I agree with him, completely.

What do you think? Do you still have big 80's hair, or a pair of bell bottomed jeans from the 70's you can't get rid of? Don't be ashamed, be proud of you and your identity, I mean why not? Right....

Have a great Friday! I'll post again this weekend....I promise :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008


A friend just sent me an email with a link for a short film about validation. I enjoyed it so much that I'm posting it here for you all to enjoy, hopefully, as much as I did.

After you watch the flick, come back here and comment, if you can, on what you thought. Validation, do we need it to be happy? Do we seek it out subconsciously? And if we get it, can we become addicted to it, like a drug?

I'm curious to know what YOU think....

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mi Vida Loca

As promised two posts back, here is the condensed version of myself, the Blogger, and a little insight into my crazy life (and yes, I'm going to keep some part of my life to myself so don't expect this to be me blogging about my dates (unless there's potential or disaster because then that would be blog worthy) or my very personal life). And now without further adieu:

Me (in a nutshell).....

Born in VA, raised all over the globe (army brat) I call Texas home, and NYC my current home. I have siblings that I love very much, and an adorable nephew, and my best friend has a baby that I want to squeeze every time I see him (in a cute motherly way not a psycho baby killer way). I am single, never been married, not necessarily interested in being married, ever, and I have no children. I'm a vegetarian but I'm not opposed to those who aren't, I don't get grossed out by meat and those who choose to consume it, I don't throw blood at people who wear fur or buy leather, my vegetarianism is my own personal choice and what you choose to do is yours. Who am I to judge? On that note, I do recycle and try to leave no trace, and I appreciate those who try to do the same.

I am a nomad, a gypsy, what some would call a free spirit. I love to move often, cities, apartments, etc etc blah blah blah. I am an avid traveler, and because I choose to spend all my money on jet setting the globe I will in turn be working til I am 80. I am highly addicted to peanut butter, coffee, cheesy movies, am easily amused, love to participate in Improv Theater, once acted on the stage of the Globe Theater in London, England and am oftentimes found in the produce dept of my grocery store grilling the produce man about the newest fruit find. (Oh don't you worry about him, he loves it)

And the reason you should read my blog is because I am unpredictable, am obsessed with Tim Burton movies, love when quirky meets beautiful, and I hail from Planet Awesome. :)

Here's wishing you a wonderful Wednesday (and rest of your week) and happy reading!

Sidenote: The post above reflects my talent for writing while merely finishing my first cup of coffee. The more coffee I drink, the better and more interesting the post. Thank you. That is all.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

1st and 10

Growing up in Texas meant a few things were expected of me in order to be considered a " True Texan". Just to name a few:
  • you must love mexican food and be able to eat jalapenos whole and enjoy all spicy things
  • you must recognize and spread the word that "Tejas" was once in fact it's own republic
  • you must be able to mow a lawn because there's plenty of land and he who hasn't mowed a lawn in texas is not a true texan
  • you must love pecans and all the various delicacies made with pecans
  • you must be able to recognize an armadillo, a horned toad, and a rattlesnake and know that each of them is deadly and can kill you
  • you must use the words "ya'll", "fixin to", and "I reckon" in the correct context
  • and the biggest one of all--you MUST LOVE FOOTBALL! If you cannot claim to love football then you must BS your way enough to act like you like it or know something about it because football, is a way of life in Texas.
Oh yeah, don't believe me? Well, I've compiled a list of things that I think will offer my point valid:
  • On Sundays, Churches, no matter what religion, all get out before 12 noon, in order to give you time to eat lunch and make that 1:00pm game on TV. In fact, I remember on several occasions the pastor of our church stating out loud at the pulpit " Don't worry folks, I will be cutting this sermon on extramarital affairs short today because Dallas is playing, so put your watches away and let's get to it so we can cheer our boy's on" That sermon would start at 11:30 and we'd be out by 11:55, singing, call to the altar for salvation, and closing prayer all complete.
  • Restaurants are commonly known to put up signs to say that they are closed because of the game. This was very common Friday nights when High School football was a home game.
  • People put up yard signs, hung huge banners across the front of their houses, hung floral wreaths adorned with NFL football colors of their favorite teams on their front doors (much like Christmas Wreaths) they strung colored Christmas lights on their houses with their teams colors, they paid extra money to have their license plates on their cars with their team names, they actually wore and still do wear the football team jackets in the winter, they dress comfortably in their teams winter scarves, woolen hats and mittens, they dress their children in those same clothes, they listen to radio Walkmans during meals out so they won't miss the game.
  • Wives and girlfriends of men who are die hard fans understand that they cannot plan anything with their significant others on Sunday or Monday nights during the season for it's a lost cause, so they hold their knitting circles or reserve their out of town shopping trips for Sunday and Monday's.
  • And this will take the cake for you: They dress their dogs as mascots of their favorite teams and take pictures of them to send and use on their Christmas cards.

This is all dreadful proof, and shocking I"m sure, to you, unless you grew up in Texas, and as much as I used to laugh and call these people names (not bad names, I just thought they were all insane) I moved to NYC two years ago and I can honestly say: I miss this crazy lifestyle.

I remember when I was growing up on Sundays my dad would have the game on in the living room, I'd be sitting at the kitchen table struggling over Algebra, my sister would be tormenting me somehow or playing with her barbies, my mother would be in the kitchen cooking something yummy and humming out loud, my baby brother playing with his GI Joes, and life was good and normal. To these days, if I want some comfort, some reminiscing, I will turn the game on on Sunday and even if I don't watch it (which most of the time I do, I AM from Texas remember) it's soothing to my ears. It's like stepping back in time to a place that I loved, and sometimes couldn't understand.

The Cowboy's aren't doing too great tonight, Romo is affected by the cold in Pittsburgh and defense is not too strong, but I am a Texan and so, in true Texas fashion, as my church pastor used to say "I"m gonna put this post to bed so I can cheer my boy's on."

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Just starting out....

So, over on my Myspace and my Facebook account people are always commenting on my very sporadic blog posts, "Yo Tonya, (they say) you are an awesome, funny, zany blogger--why don't you write your own blog (they ask)???" So, I decided that, A) I'm not getting into grad school right now, (i've taken a total of one class and it broke the bank) B) I'm not volunteering currently (I called every soup kitchen in manhattan weeks before Thanksgiving and got turned down profusely) and C) all those acting/improv/stand up comedy/yoga/capoeria/salsa classes/fencing/micheal phelps speed racing swimming classes/skateboarding/butt lifting dance classes that I was gonna sign up for are all full for the spring, so that means, YEP, you guessed it, I have time to blog!

I know that you are all truly excited about this new so-called venture of mine and hey, so am I (although we'll see how long I can keep it up cause as you'll find out about me, I'm infamous for starting things and not finishing them) because it's something productive to do with my time--entertaining the world on the laments, fascinating observations, and hopes and dreams that swirl around in my mind on a daily basis.

I hope you'll visit at least weekly (which is probably more than I will) and comment when you have the time, because my life really is like a fishbowl (although i'm not really in any way at all like a fish, heck, I don't even eat fish, nor meat, but that's a post for another day.) My life inherently is random, and sporadic, and fun, like me, and so I promise you this, you will at least get to read something on here that you can A) relate too, B) make fun of or C) laugh at and hey, isn't life really all about those things anyways??

Ok, I'll fill you on me, in my next post...I mean it's no use reading my blog if you don't really know the blogger right???

Ok, off for a run (yes, I like to tell myself I'm a runner, even though I move at snail pace) with the marathoners (lol sure) in Central Park. Tootles!