Sunday, May 29, 2011

Chocolate Cake

It's Memorial Day weekend, Happy Happy to everyone and Thank you to those who serve and have served us so well. NYC is empty, well practically, during almost every major Holiday. Most people flock to their country houses (those people I don't really know) or people fly off to some exotic locale to lay on the beach (I don't really know those people either) but I usually stay here. I like the city when it's empty. I like being able to not have to knock down tourists to get to the park for my annual Memorial Day tanning in the the Sheep's Meadow. There's something great about Memorial Day weekend, it signifies that we are deep into Spring and that summer is just around the corner.

I didn't, and I rarely make plans for Memorial Day and sometimes I get pretty sad about that... but this year the plans just sort of formulated before my very eyes and that's when I knew; I think I can call NYC home now. I have enough friends here now that plans just sorta happen...I get invited to things and all of a sudden my weekend is full. It's a nice feeling being able to finally call this place home.

I had the best dinner with 2 couples last night. One of the persons in one of the couples is one of my best friends in the world, and she is now best friends with one of her exes and her exes new girlfriend. Kudos to these girls, they rock and they really care about each other. There was chocolate cake for dessert and I was going to refrain but as we all gathered in the living room, talking and joking around I noticed that the chocolate cake was symbolic of this new group of friends....we cut slices and passed them around just like a family.

I'm so happy to finally be home.

I hope wherever you are today, fighting for our Freedom in the war, or hanging out with your family or your urban family, that you take the time to pass around the chocolate cake and spend a little time being home.


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