Thursday, May 26, 2011

Spring Fling

It's finally Spring here in the Big Apple! It seems like it took old man winter forever to get the hint to get outta town! As of late it's only started feeling like Spring and back home in Texas they are full on raging in summer temps already. Amazing how 1000 miles south it's over 100 degrees and we're stretching to hit 80 during the day.

Today 3 different people came into my office and commented on how hot it was. I had my windows open and was feeling JUST fine...I'm from Texas people, 80 degrees is nothing. Besides; It's Spring!

Last night I went to the store to get some dinner and 3 sailors passed me (It's fleet week in NYC right now) and whistled. Whistled! It was awesome! I felt like Marilyn Monroe in the 50's! I wish I had on that white dress, that would have been very cool. Because, It's Spring!

It's Memorial Day weekend this weekend and everyone will get OUT of the city, and I will stay in. I love the city when it's quiet and empty. I plan on relaxing and then Saturday I'll head out to Brooklyn to spend the day with a friend, we've got a dinner to go to that night followed by my attending a Birthday party for one of my very cool Improv friends. Busy Saturday. Sunday I think I'll hang out in the sheep's meadow or take the ferry over to Governor's Island and read a book...Monday, BBQ at a friends house in Queens (with veg friendly options cause she's cool like that). All because it's Spring!

I hope you, wherever you are, are Spring Flinging, and having fun too! Unless you're in Texas...then you better reapply that sunscreen cause summer's here!

Happy Spring to you!

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