Friday, May 20, 2011

Spring Awakening

So yeah yeah yeah, I know I know. I've been absentia again. I've been neglecting this blog for work, grad school, love, life, and Twitter. (Shameless plug: You can follow me on Twitter at ) Now I know that those are NOT really great excuses for neglecting my faithful blog fans but I promise you, I will not let you down again. So here I am. Let's get started...

A couple of days ago a man sat down on the bus next to me reciting Shakespeare beautifully. For most people that might have been a problem, but for me, I happen to LOVE the Bard and listened enthusiastically at an older man's version of King Lear. When he paused, I asked, c'mon, I had too, what gives? He said he used to be an actor and he can't start any day without reciting Shakespeare for fear of getting Alzheimer's. Then he chuckled. I told him that I'd done some Shakespeare acting myself in the past and that he was probably one of the better reciters I'd ever heard. To that he smiled and bid me adieu, getting off the bus in complete fanfare, still reciting, at 79th and Lexington.

I loved that bus ride. To be or not to be...that is the question.

I hope you choose "to be" alive in your world today too.


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